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The contact form is used to send messages regarding general inquiries. Feel free to use it if you haven't found the information you're looking for on the website.

Perhaps you'd like to organize a Domancic Method course in your city?

We are open to cooperation in the following areas:
  • organizing level 1 Domancic method training in your city, on general terms,
  • organizing training for companies operating in the field of preventive healthcare (nursing homes, sanatoriums, holiday resorts, rehabilitation and medical centers),
  • conducting lectures and presentations, including free lectures (online form),
  • entry-level meetings - as an introduction to learning and familiarizing oneself with the topic (online form),
  • group bioenergy therapies.

The above-mentioned activities are possible in Europe. We are fluent in English, Slovenian, Croatian, and Polish.
Training Institution
Energia Vita Martyna Fon Zvegelj
Registration number: 2.14/00122/2018 VAT ID: 952 119 80 44 REGON: 017396772
Phone: +48 601 260 129 Email:
An officially registered educational institution specializing in training techniques for achieving health and well-being. Operating within the European Union and countries affiliated with the convention agreement.
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