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TECHNIQUES used in Domancic Method of bioenergy healing

In the implementation of therapy the bioenergy therapist, apart from their hands as the main working tool, uses techniques prescribed by the method.
The techniques in essence represent mechanical art and applied knowledge, a way in which to perform, i.e. reach an objective.
In bioenergy therapy treatment the therapist uses techniques to process energy and the patient's biofield. Depending on the patient's condition and the determined diagnosis, the therapist uses different techniques, the application of which is determined by the rules of the method.
The dynamics, rhythm, number and way of performing an individual technique, i.e. the appropriate implementation of the techniques, is the duty of each therapist due to practical, performance but also ethical reasons.
The scientifically tested, but also confirmed in years-long practice success of the method, recognisability, is based on the techniques and their appropriate implementation.
The ethical aspect of an appropriate implementation is reflected in respecting dignity and integrity of the patient, but also professional integrity of the therapist who represents himself/herself, his or her colleagues, method and the author and founder of the Zdenko Domančić® Method.


The „Positive Therapy“ technique is applied with the purpose of providing biotherapy to client and enhancing the circulation of blood, lymph and energy in the entire body, especially in lower extremities. The client sits with their feet on a higher position (chair or stool) while their hands are placed in a relaxed position on their legs. The therapist stands at the side of the client and with strained hands passes above their entire body in length, starting from the feet (body's periphery) towards the head (centre of the body). When the therapist reaches approximately 20cm above the patient's head, he or she relaxes their hands and returns towards the feel in the same direction. It should be kept in mind that the therapist must always look in the direction of his or her hands.


The „Negative Therapy“ technique is used when the aim is to reduce the bioenergy potential of the client's body or pain in certain cases. The technique is performed with hands movements from the head (centre) toward the periphery (feet). The therapist's hands are relaxed in one and the other direction (difference from „Positive Therapy“). The therapist uses relaxed hands to pass above the client's body, and when reaching approximately half a meter below the feet, he or she shakes off their hands, discarding in that way the surplus of the biopotential that has passed from the client's biofield to his or her hands. After discarding the extra biopotential the therapist returns with relaxed hands to repeat the procedure along the client's body toward the head.


The „Extraction“ technique is implemented with the purpose of reducing pain or surplus of the bioenergy potential on a part of the body. The pain can also be consequence of lack of energy; however, with the „Extraction“ technique we reduce pain as consequence of heightened biopotential. Specific examples are inflammation processes. First we look at the spot on the body for which we want to reduce pain, and then with relaxed hands we pass five centimetres above the painful area, following our hands with our eyes and extracting the surplus of bioenergy potential by movement of hands, which in relation to the client's position are approximately at a 90-degree angle. Finally we shake off the hands as far as possible from the client (50 - 70 cm) and in that way discard the surplus of potential that has caught on our hands from the client's biofield. After this phase of the application of the „Extraction“ technique, we return relaxed hands into the painful area and repeat the procedure approximately 15 to 20 times.


The „Balancing“ technique is used for local balancing of the biopotential on a part of the client's body. By observing strained hands (as if we were holding a ball) we make circular movements around the ill part of the body as if we were modelling a clay or Plasticine ball. These movements are performed at the distance of 10 to 15 centimetres from the area we are treating. The technique is aimed at distributing energy equally, and five to seven circular movements are optimal for the desired result.


The „Provoking“ technique is used to incite, stimulate and provoke a specific sensation or feeling in a part of the client's body. „Provoking“ is performed by flickering strained fingers of both hands, as if playing the piano, in the direction of the part of the body being treated. The bioenergy that is emitted in intervals enters the client's body and provokes specific sensation felt by the client as a current, poking, prickling, warmth etc. It is necessary to point out that this technique causes enhances circulation of blood, lymph and energy in the treated part of the body, which has beneficial effects on the local blood circulation of that part of the body or organ. The time interval of the technique is 15 to 20 seconds.


The „Pulling“ technique is used in processing all kinds of tumours. We first look at the area of the body where the tumour is located, then with strained hands we make movements as if we are trying to pull something out. Afterwards, by shaking the hands off, we discard the extracted bioenergy potential at least 50 to 70 cm away from the diseased part of the body and repeat the procedure. During the performance of the technique the movement of our hands in relation to the client has to be at approximately 90-degree angle and is repeated five to seven times. The „Pulling“ technique is similar to the „Extraction“ technique in its performance, with the difference that we extract with relaxed hands in both directions.


The „Biofield Balancing“ technique is always performed at the beginning and at the end of therapy, with the purpose to equally distribute the biopotential along the client's body energy. This technique requires that we stand approximately 70 centimetres before the person we are treating, and with stretched and slightly strained hands we make elliptic movements from head towards the feet, as if modelling a large clay ball. We always follow our hand movements with our eyes, and when they are at the hip level, we return them towards the head sideways. With our left hand we pass along the right side of the client's body while the right hand passes along the left side of the body. The procedure is repeated two to three times facing the client after which the same is repeated behind the client. The bioefield balancing is finished with the stimulation of reflex zones on the back of the client aimed at inciting biorhythm.


The purpose of the „Foot Processing“ technique is to demonstrate the bioenergy interactions between the bioenergy therapist and client, achieving a therapeutic effect at the same time. The client is in a sitting position, with their feet on a chair or stool, while the therapist sits in front of the client's feet. The foot processing procedure involves several techniques: „Balancing“, „Provoking“ and „Bioenergy Passing“. First, the „Balancing“ technique is performed in the area of the client's feet in duration of about 30 seconds. Afterwards, the „Provoking“ technique is performed above the client's feet also in duration of 30 seconds. This is followed by „Bioenergy Passing“ technique in duration of 40 seconds. The client does not need to take off their shoes because the bioenergy passes through all materials.


The „Bioenergy Passing“ technique represents a way of adding bioenergy to a specific part of the client's body. The therapist places slightly strained hands to the part of the body which is to be treated. In case that the person under treatment has open wounds on the skin, the therapist holds his or her hands five centimetres above the wound.


The „Psychokinesis“ technique is performed with the purpose of demonstrating the bioenergy interactions between the therapist and the client. The therapist faces the client at a distance of about 50 to 70 centimetres and their hands are stretched and at the height of the client's eyes, while their eyes are directed 10 to 15 centimetres above the client's head. The therapist then begins with a powerful thrust of his or her hands and the whole body in a forward movement as if pushing a heavy object, which causes the „psychokinesis“ effect, i.e. moving the client backward on the basis of the bioenergy interaction between the therapist and the client.

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