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JANUARY 12th - 16th, 2022 level 1 REGISTRATION
lectures are scheduled from Wednesday till Sunday (5 days) TIME (CET) 04.00 PM till 09.00 PM (16.00-21.00)

course is held by Martyna Fon Zvegelj and Denis Zvegelj, accredited by Mr. Zdenko Domancic himself.

Due to current restrictions courses for foreigners are available only ONLINE

Cost of level 1 course is 750
Cost of level 2 course is 980

  • Due to cost of money transfer international students are asked to pay full amount to be paid.
  • Payment should be done after registration is confirmed.
  • Repeating the course in the traditional and ONLINE form for people from ONLINE courses is FREE.

50% off 2nd person in married couple
(traditional courses - same course level, same time).
50% off 2nd person participating, same computer connection (it is valid only for online courses).
IMPORTANT: Name and surname provided by you below will be on your certificate. At address given below your certificate will be sent. Thus please ensure that given data is correct. Thank you!



* you can also send your personal info on email:
Zdenko Domancic
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