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Zdenko Domancic

GENERAL INFORMATIONS - training courses
Domancic Method learning courses are intended for all individuals engaged in helping others who seek variation in their actions, effectiveness, tangible health benefits, and simplicity of execution. The method's effectiveness is independent of faith and belief systems. Free from any supplementary elements: supplements, stones, pendulums, symbols, amulets, etc. everything you need is "within you" from the moment of birth. As the creator of the method says, "you just need a little more good within you."
This is a course for all those who seek personal development and radical change. Anyone, regardless of age, can learn. There are no limitations - just a willingness to help. The rest, supported by practice, happens automatically. Our teaching is based on the desire to bring energy therapy and a holistic approach to health closer to those interested and those who want to use the method professionally.
Learning the Domancic method proceeds in stages (the proposed order must be preserved: level 1 (certificate of completion), level 2 (certificate of completion), level 3, final exam (certificate of completion). The time between participation in successive levels is not fixed and should be approached individually.

Level 1

Level 1 course is intended for all of you who want to engage in practicing bioenergy healing according to the Method of Zdenko Domancic professionally or wish to acquire knowledge to help your loved ones. You will be taught about all the techniques used in this method and how to apply them to specific diseases or patient conditions. You will receive instructions for bioenergy healing techniques combined within specific protocols to fully practice the method and access its limitless healing potential.

You will learn how to perform Psychokinesis, a technique for moving a patient in the standing position or bending with energy, without physically touching or hypnotizing them. This technique helps reach a person on a subconscious level, creating the transformation necessary for the body to heal on all levels. The techniques are used within a structured formula, with a specific beginning, middle, and end for each protocol, giving therapists confidence in their work.

You will also learn the codex, which is part of the method's philosophy and must be followed and performed by scholars. The bioenergy healing course will be carried out during treatments in the Clinic, allowing you to see and observe the results of the method firsthand. Practical workshops will provide the same results. Level 1 is sufficient to heal all diseases at the direct contact level. For extending knowledge and learning distance healing, we invite you to Level 2.

Teaching Program:

  • Introduction to the method and theory of bioenergy.
  • Everyday discussion panel.
  • Instructions on practicing biotherapy confidently.
  • Human energy system, entering and connecting with the biofield, closing procedure, and the healing meaning of "reset."
  • Ten techniques according to the Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy.
  • Accessing the subconscious using Psychokinesis: demonstration, explanation, and practice.
  • Techniques and procedures to optimize the immune system and improve blood circulation.
  • Step-by-step methodology for treating common ailments.
  • Creating transformation for the body to self-heal on all levels.
  • Rapid pain elimination.
  • Enhancing the functions of specific organs.
  • Healing procedures for 30+ diseases (working on affected areas). Procedures for dealing with inflammatory conditions, no inflammation, malignant or benign tumors, which results in approximately 80+ protocols.
  • Code of ethics and rules and regulations of the Zdenko Domancic Method of Bioenergy Therapy.
  • Modes of transferring bioenergy, medial state of mind and body, becoming a transmitter.
  • Feet treatment technique.
  • Questions and answers.
  • Program completion and certificates (certificates will be sent to your address for online students).

PRICE 750,00 EUR (VAT included)

Level 2

During the Level 2 course, you will enhance your knowledge to achieve quicker results and effectively lead group therapy sessions according to the Zdenko Domancic Method. We will showcase the efficacy of employing the Domancic Method for long-distance healing. Participants will experience the sensation of being influenced by energy from a distance.

The curriculum of the bioenergy healing course includes discussions on distance healing, mental hygiene, recognizing symptoms of diseases or patient conditions, understanding the psychology of ill individuals, as well as earthly and technical factors such as radiation, geopathic stress, and electrosmog, among others, which can impede the healing process. Solutions to mitigate these influences will be explored. Additionally, the methodology of group bioenergy healing therapies will be covered, emphasizing the significant results achievable through "Group Dynamics," where each therapist and client play a role in enhancing the healing process collectively.


  • Brief review of Level 1 program and reinforcement of acquired knowledge.
  • Observing bioenergy therapy sessions according to the Zdenko Domančić Method in a clinical setting (each of the 4 days).
  • Exploring distance healing methods for administering bioenergy therapy remotely with consistent effectiveness.
  • Participating in distance treatment workshops to experience the effects firsthand.
  • Identifying disease symptoms visually and understanding what can be learned from patient observations.
  • Studying the psychology of individuals suffering from illnesses.
  • Addressing pathological influences such as electrosmog, radiation, and geopathic stress, and learning natural solutions to mitigate these issues.
  • Handling challenging treatment scenarios and conflicts arising from treating patients with multiple health conditions.
  • Learning techniques for healing animals and plants, both in-person and remotely.
  • Understanding common sports injuries and available treatments, focusing on achieving peak performance.
  • Exploring the dynamics of group therapy, including scenarios involving single practitioners, groups of practitioners, and clinic-based group healing events.
  • Initiating practices to raise biofield vibrations and increase conductivity.
  • Promoting mental hygiene practices for therapists.
  • Q&A sessions to address participant queries.
  • Program completion and certificate issuance (certificates will be sent to the address provided for online students).

PRICE 980,00 EUR (VAT included)

Level 3

The third level involves four days of therapeutic work with a teacher or mentor of the Domancic Method. Before proceeding, it is mandatory to complete a practical internship under the supervision of a mentor (an individual who holds official qualifications for conducting therapeutic practices), in Slovenia/Croatia/Poland. The effectiveness of the therapies performed, as confirmed by clients, and documentation of conducting group therapy must be provided.

This level includes:

  • A brief review of the content covered in COURSES I and II (therapy according to the Zdenko Domancic Method).
  • Review of the knowledge acquired in COURSES I and II.
  • Oral examination covering physiology, anatomy, common ailments encountered in therapeutic work, and procedures according to bioenergy therapy in the Zdenko Domancic Method.
  • A 1.5-hour written test.
Upon receiving a positive assessment from the mentor regarding knowledge of the Domancic Method, and provided positive results are achieved in the four-day therapy (positive healing effects of the Bioenergy Therapy according to Zdenko Domancic), based on client feedback and examination, the individual receives a certificate entitling them to use the title "Certified Biotherapy Therapist according to the Zdenko Domancic Method." The examination concludes with a graduation ceremony and certificate presentation.

The certification of therapists is conducted in accordance with regulations concerning the certification procedure and competency assessment. A Biotherapy Therapist according to the Zdenko Domancic Method® is an individual who has completed the entire training cycle (course 1, course 2, course 3 - examination). Depending on the chosen training program and module, appropriate certificates are issued.

There are no specific dates for level 3. When you are ready, apply for it to the person who was your first contact and we will set time and conditions to undertake level 3 (exam).

PRICE 2850,00 EUR (VAT included)

The name and surname Zdenko Domančić® are protected, and any use is subject to legal regulations.

The education of future therapists is an important and responsible task that cannot be carried out without proper supervision. Education cannot be organized and conducted arbitrarily, as this threatens the necessary level of professional work, credible training, and the authenticity of my method. Because therapeutic education can only be organized and conducted by Biotherapy according to the Zdenko Domancic Method® in Slovenia/Croatia, Domancic d.o.o., and Energia Vita Martyna Fon Zvegelj Poland, as well as online courses, no one outside this circle should organize teaching courses of my method or conduct therapeutic practices. Proceedings will be initiated against such individuals or groups, and their names will be presented in a negative context on our websites. I hope that it will not be necessary to take such unpleasant steps. Wishing you successful cooperation, Zdenko Domančić, read more

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