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One of the unique advantages of Domancic Method is ability to do successful distance therapy. This healing modality is becoming more and more popular, as professional therapists of the Official Domancic method can heal patients all around the globe without traveling. Especially in times of great pandemic and overall fear of transmissible illnesses this Domancic healing method comes in handy. Efficacy of the Domancic method performed on distance versus in person is nearly the same.
Here at international clinic and bioenergy learning center, we treat patients from all around the globe regularly.  For many it’s a first contact with bio-energy and its potential, and getting to know Domancic method first hand, before they embark on the journey to learn this method them selves.  Zdenko Domančić established this method in 80s in Croatia, and traveled around the world to teach and treat thousands of people in need. We continue this legacy with this Domančić Method in it’s original pure form, to help patients locally in Poland and Slovenia, and internationally via remote healing and in person therapy.
The therapy has same principle as all Domancic method treatments in person. Each Bio Therapy consists of 4 sessions in 4 consecutive days of bioenergy healing, at fixed time. It takes approximately 30 min in total, and we only need your photograph to perform the biotherapy. There is also no fixed cost for the therapy, same as in person, you pay after last session based on your abilities and satisfaction.
Most patients who ask for remote treatment with Domancic method, have an inability to travel, and they require therapist that is close to the source of this method.  Distance therapy is also suitable for patients with severe illnesses or trauma, and are in hospital, thus unable to receive treatment in person.

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