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Zdenko Domančić photo
Mr. Zdenko Domancic photo by Martyna Fon

The method
s name is “Biotherapy Healing According to the Method of Zdenko Domancic”. The method is one of the so called energy healing methods (the methods of influencing with biofield and affecting ones biofield).

The goal of our bioenergetic medicine is  to lessen or entirely eliminate health problems, as well as to enrich one
s personality and make it more resistible. The bioenergy always  tries to solve the primary problem, or the cause, which would otherwise make it impossible for the person to recover. The body is an energetic system in constant energetic interaction with its environment. We all are sensitive to forces and energies surrounding and changing us. Our entire physical and mental bodies constantly supply themselves with this life energy, which makes the existence possible in the first place. A human consists of energy and substance. In between there is blood, which is a substance and energy at the same time. Because of the oxygens paramagnetic attributes, the blood functions as a transmitter of earthly and cosmic energy in the body. Inside the powerful magnetic field, the oxygen gets its characteristics. As a transmitter of higher level energies and parameters of earthly magnetic field, the oxygen inside the cell actively collaborates at transforming energy. All forces of the universe, including the force of human consciousness, in the range from the highest consciousness to the depths of subconsciousness, are the transformations of cosmic energy. On the basis of realizing these natural truths, Zdenko Domancic developed a healing method with which he and his followers have helped more than OVER a million of ill people. During the years, he has been offered to participate in many researches in the field of sciences, especially medicine, and he responded to them all.

DOCUMENTARY is inspired by the unusual approach and understanding of health issues: causes and consequences. Scientists who have expressed their opinion are leading experts in the new wave of understanding human consciousness. Explores an innovative solution for healthcare by introducing and examining the effects, results and the future of Bioenergy healing. This Independent TV healing documentary made by Zoran Hochstatter and Stephanie Cote features the creator of the method, Zdenko Domancic, along with cutting edge scientists such as Dean Radin and Marilyn Schlitz from the Institute of Noetic Sciences. Click to watch  FILM THINK ABOUT IT

Domancic developed a method that practically anyone could learn He has systematized bioenergy healing and made it more scientific and more available. It became one of the fastest and most effective energy-healing methods that has ever been developed. It is used to treat such ailments as cancer, heart disease, high/low blood pressure, MS, rheumatoid disease, thyroid problems, allergies, diabetes, migraines, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, hair loss, liver problems, gangrene and any other illness known to men. The treatments are quick and powerful, with obvious results. Most patients feel improvement already after the first session.

Zdenko Domancic talks:

Bioenergy therapists, with their knowledge and experience, deliver and balance bioenergy. The rest is done by nature. The bioenergy is informed and “knows” what it needs to do. Practitioners of the Domancic Method are not “weirdos”, they are not magicians, nor are they opponents or in competition with medicine. We don’t open veins and we don’t set bones but are able to offer support to a natural faze of healing during recovery. We don’t need the medical knowledge because bioenergy works according to natural laws.”

Bioenergy is intelligent and INFORMED, exactly knows what to do "The experts observing the morphological changes in the cells under a microscope could not believe their eyes. Malignant cancer cells exposed to Zdenko Domancic's energy were exploding and falling apart right in front them, while normal cells remained unaffected!
As you can see, bioenergy is a type of energy that is informed, that knows what and where to do. The cells subjected to bioenergy were in a test tube, so that it worked on them directly. In the lab experiment, blood, patient's nerve cells and brain were not involved, allowing for the placebo effect and his attitude, i.e. his belief in healing to be ruled out and those are the elements main stream medicine often uses to explain the effects of other methods or miracles that it can't perform or explain on its own. The count of malignant cells after only 10 minutes of bioenergy exposure dropped by 20% on average and that was true with all tested cancer cells, while the count in the control group hasn't changed. This means that after only 10 minutes of being exposed to bioenergy one fifth of the cancer cells on average were destroyed. So, as you can see bioenergy works fast (within minutes) and is effective. Compared to 10 minute exposure, the effect was a bit lesser after five minutes.
Let us remind you, that individual therapy of a patient in the Domancic facility takes 10-15 minutes, twice a day for the following four days. A patient is in a room with a higher bioenergy levels for a few hours as he awaits his turn, while others' individual therapy takes place. The above description means that bioenergy is truly effective and works selectively." From the book Healing with Bioenergy, according to the Method of Zdenko Domancic  by Radovan Starc, MD, PhD

CRYSTALS Zdenko Domancic collaborated with the scientists at the Jozef Stefan Institute in Ljubljana. During experiment researchers observed, how the effects of bioenergy changed the physical structure of crystals. With an electron microscope you can see how crystals treated with bioenergy change their physical shape from CUBES to FLOWERS!

A therapist does not have to recognize imbalances to restore them to their original charge. Important is that the body has its natural environment back; it is able to heal itself. It is able to continue its natural function. The effectiveness of this type of healing is in its ability to restore the balance for the entire system, not just for some of its components. The whole body’s energy flow is restarted already at the first treatment.

The effectiveness has been scientifically validated in 1985. At the request of the Ministry of Health of the Former Yugoslavia, Zdenko Domancic treated with the Method of Bioenergy Healing 200 persons with advanced gangrene (gangrena humida). The patients were cured of gangrene and no extremities were amputated. This medical evaluation lasted for almost half a year and is documented in a book entitled, “Healer Domancic” by D. Jakcin.

Healing bioenergy (BIOS - from Greek 'life'), means healing with the energy of life and is a fact known for thousands of years, but so far has been reserved only for few. The Method of Zdenko Domancic allows practicing it with ease and simplicity.
In order to become a bioenergy healing therapist (healer), one does not need to have any special capabilities. In the words of its creator, "it is enough to have more goodness than evil". The Method is safe, noninvasive, pain free, patient-friendly, and free from pharmaceuticals. It is based on stimulating the immune system for effective fighting the disease, in such a way that the body starts to heal itself.
The whole healing therapy is based on bringing the energy body to the ideal state - so called balancing. The energy body - our matrix - points out to the dysfunctions much earlier before concrete pathologies appear/manifest themselves in the physical body. The matrix, also known as an aura, our early warning system or immune system, contains in itself all the information on the subject of every our disease, as well  as on the subject of our health. When energy in our body is balanced and evenly surrounds our physical body - we are well. But when our energy body surrounds  the physical in an irregular, distorted fashion, we begin to be ill. Balancing energy of the body by the healer is grounded on a basic law of physics - higher potential influences the lower. The bioenergy therapist does not use his own energy - he is a transmitter of bioenergy drawn from outside.
The energy contains all the information, needed by the body in order to heal itself. In an intelligent manner, the energy is transferred to the places, where it is needed, or the surplus of energy is removed from the places where there potential is to high (infection, pain). This way, the bioenergy healing therapist - like a mechanic - provides the body with the tools, contained in BIOENERGY, which are necessary for proper functioning of the immune system and the body starts to heal itself.
Our bodies are miraculous pieces of machinery with a profound and undeniable body-mind-soul connection. "The finest art in medicine is in keeping the patient entertained while nature cures the disease." You can now learn the secrets of hands on healing. It has been in use thousands of years and now is available to everyone.

bioenergy therapy is nowadays practiced throughout the world and is called vibration, energy healing or energy medicine. It is possible to teach energy therapy, which is realized in different academic systems today around the world through traditional medicine or independently. Bioenergy practice is the oldest way of healing and is understood by all cultures and has been known under many names. A warm human touch has and always will have healing properties. Energy Medicine works through the human energy field that surrounds the body. Energy Medicine recognizes energy as a vital, living, moving force that is at the foundation of our well-being. Energy medicine works directly with the electromagnetic and more subtle energies that orchestrate health, emotions, and behavior within this incomprehensibly complex network. It is proving to be an effective and very powerful. Its applications extend far beyond the health care setting, into business, education, government, and family life everywhere that people wish to be more effective, vital, and creative. Energy medicine is both a complement to other approaches to medical care and a complete care-system. It can address physical illness and emotional or mental disorders, and can also promote high-level wellness and peak performance.

Our aura or bio-field is  a subtle electromagnetic/light layer that surrounds our body or permeates through it. Every living organism has an aura. The aura is multi-layered and multi-functional. One of the functions of the aura is literally to
bring to life and feed or energize the physical body. The human electromagnetic field also performs a defense function. Our Earth also has several auric layers: a glowing hot core, the crust, the atmospheric layer and the electromagnetic layer. The human organism radiates and receives radiation. Planet earth receives and emits radiation from the universe. In the same way, a human being receives radiation from the Earth and the Universe. You can find more about the radiation of the human body and other living organisms on the website of the International Institute for Biophysics in Germany.

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