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Based on modern medicine and the contemporary understanding of bioenergy. Free from religious, spiritual and cultural connotations.
Clients, family, friends, animals, plants, water treatment, space cleaning, etc. in clinical, office and informal settings.
The method aims at improving health and well-being, prevention, improving sports performance, and supports post-traumatic recovery.
For Whom?
For everyone who is interested in the real, clinical form of bioenergy therapy. Practiced for over 40 years. Scientifically proven several times.


It is intended for all people who want to learn bioenergy therapy according to the Zdenko Domančić method. You will receive detailed instructions on which techniques (and protocols) to use in order to learn step by step and start your own biotherapeutic practice. You will learn how to stimulate the immune system for body to remain fit and solve health issues effectively. You will learn the techniques of the Domancic Method and their protocols (80+ illnesses).
  • Necessary knowledge to improve health and / or completely eliminate the health issues theory lectures, Q / A panels, practical exercises.
  • No prior preparation or energy work knowledge is needed before starting the course.
  • Good to know the basics of human anatomy and physiology which is mostly common knowledge.

This course is taught effectively thus you can start to practice right away. However, you will get manual in PDF, access to video library with instructional videos (60+), bioenergy therapy recordings, access to a closed group of therapists, discussion forum.
80% of students declare the effectiveness of the method immediately after completing the course (usually already in the first week).
In order to join the course and learn the method effectively, you don't need to read books or learn bioenergotherapy beforehand.
Biotherapy course acc. Domancic method is comprised of the same number of lectures, workshops as in person course. Theory and practice in a virtual environment. We have already conducted 16 online courses and practice results are astonishing. It tells us that there are no boundaries for energy work. Students do psychokinesis, heal their co-partners and are being healed just because they get knowledge how reconnect with energy at fuller spectrum.
Zdenko Domancic

What will you learn in the LEVEL 1 course?

  • basics of bioenergy therapy
  • mechanisms of performing the therapy according to Domancic method
  • procedures of the so-called protocols for 80+ medical diagnoses
  • you will learn how to stimulate the immune system which improves health and prevents illnesses effectively
  • you learn the techniques of the Domancic Method and combinations
  • we will discuss the Code of Ethics as an integral part of the philosophy of this method
  • practical exercises and workshops
  • discussion panels, Q / A
  • and much more

LEVEL 1 is all theory and skills (got during practical part) of biotherapy according to Zdenko Domancic's methods in person. You will learn everything we know and have been practicing for 14 years with very good results.
The LEVEL 2 is the continuation of education, the acquisition of knowledge about distance therapy, the dynamics of group therapy read more >>>

Martyna Fon Zvegelj
The interactive online course will be conducted using ZOOM app. which is a simple and intuitive online learning tool.
Q&A panel, virtual hand raise, chat. You can participate in the training with the free version of ZOOM Basic.
  • laptop, PC or tablet
  • stable WiFI or cable connection
  • throughput min. 1.5Mb
  • webcam speakers and microphone
  • before the training you will get a link from us to connect with us
support and contact

We recommend that you start the therapy with family and friends as soon as possible. We offer support for new therapists through:
  • PDF manual
  • online video library (60+ videos divided into subjects)
  • free of charge repetition of LEVEL 1 in traditional form, in the clinic in Slovenia
  • private group on FB
  • advice on the treatment procedure by email
  • improving and expanding skills on LEVEL 2 course and modules
  • for people who have mastered theoretical material, we offer therapeutic practice in Poland or Slovenia

LEVEL 1 of the Domancic method ONLINE is an intensive 4 days of theoretical and practical learning.
For this you need:
  • 3 light chairs, no armrest
  • computer access
  • 6h daily for 4 days
  • optimally 2 people taking part in the course or 1 person joining (can be a child, partner, parent) for the duration of workshop

PRACTICE (daily, hours)
Daily course 09.00-15.00
Practice 13.00-15.00

Afternoon course 15.00-20.00
Practice 20.00-21.00
2 persons included*

750 €
Payment details and account numbers for PAYMENT

* For online courses, we offer a two-for-one deal: two people can participate for the price of one. However, only one person will receive the course completion documents necessary for advancing to LEVEL 2 in the future.
Additionally, for two individuals from the same family seeking therapist status and continuing education opportunities, we offer a couple discount of 50% for the second person.

LEARN to help in an extremely effective way, using BIO-ENERGY
Regardless of whether you want to help your child with allergies, a friend with an autoimmune disease, a mother with arthritis, an animal that has recently lacked appetite, or an athlete to recover faster after an injury - HEALING

with Bioenergy has no LIMITATIONS

Online Course
Learn Bioenergy Online
online bioterapia
online bioterapia
Domancic Method
online course Domancic Method bioenergy


Wherever you are, you can learn to help.
Expand your knowledge, unlock new skills,
empower yourself to fulfill your thrills.
With dedication and time, you'll see progress unfold,
making a difference in the world, one lesson at a time yet, so bold.
So join the course today, embrace the learning journey,
and watch as your potential reaches new heights, so worthy.
feedback from participants
from emails and recordings

Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
NDAMONA from Germany
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
A few words from myself after the course. My first bioenergy therapy course, and let me add that it is certainly not the last one, but only with the Zdenko method, your first online. It was great, it felt like you were next door. Perhaps it is your openness and honesty that makes the screen barrier disappear. The goal that I always had in my life was to give more than take and I always tried to achieve, has gained a new dimension. Now, as Denis said beautifully, only my hands and willingness are needed for this. What I send thanks to you, knowledge, strength, peace - priceless to me. Thank you very much, - Kasia Thank you!

I am very grateful for the course and materials. It is a very intuitive and logical, and therefore reliable and effective method of working with energy. I am especially happy that I could share this adventure with my husband, who would never have dared otherwise, and now wants to go to Slovenia himself. It was definitely worth it! Best regards, Iza

Thank you for the wonderful 5 days of Zdenko Domancic biotherapy. It was a fully energetic experience. I realized that by helping others I become a better person. Restoring health to people at the same time he himself becomes a healthy and compassionate man. A great course. Martyna, who is leading, is able to catch the listener's attention, makes him want to learn more and more. He has enormous knowledge and can pass it on. Ania, on the other hand, perfectly guided me through the practices of individual protocols and was a passionate "guardian" of proper operation. A great assistant. Denis was great at showing individual techniques and was wonderfully patient at the same time. Thank you and I love you, - Jacek Cena

Beloved, Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the course that brightened my life and my path. I feel like someone has cleaned me up :) .... I see more and feel more. For a long time I was looking for something that would give meaning to my life and being in quarantine twice I really had a lot of these thoughts. I was looking for courses, trainings, studies on health due to diseases in my immediate family, but I have found nothing to say that this is it. I decided that when I see the light, it must appear by itself.  And it happened, my Guardian Angel named Bożenka - also a therapist, once again inspired me positively, it just enlightened me and I saw the light ... and such energy that I couldn't sleep, eat, just thought about it. I’ve read 2 books about the method and videos on YouTube, I was already on the course before I signed up.
Thank you Martynka, Ania and Denis for your help, support and full professionalism. You shine light, positive energy and good that you infect others with. I am glad to be HERE AND NOW and I learn every day to be here and now. "Each day is only once in a lifetime" Let's remember it and enjoy what we have :) - Dorota
Zdenko Domancic<br />Domancic Method
Thank you again for your time, knowledge, the opportunity to experience new possibilities during these 5 days, for opening up to new sources of energy flow. Martyna, you have a gift for conveying knowledge in a simple, concrete, very clear way and at the same time full of good vibrations. The method is delightfully transparent, although the information was  integrating with us for days after. Congratulations on your successful on-line debut. As you can see, there are no blockages for the flow of positive energies and even in this online way you can spread goodness into the world and share your experience. You are beautiful. I am happy that the universe, at my request, sent me, among others, You :) since the March pandemic, a few of them came to me. I am still constantly open to them, to development and changes in which I have been for 20 years, and for over a year in huge changes - Joanna

Hello, another success, my 12-year-old male dog for 10 years has had scabs and wounds on his eyes every day, no vet has helped any ointments and drops, and here, after 3 sessions, there is almost nothing. Well miracles happening, as his joints are inflamed, and  he can barely walk and hear, because he cannot hear and I can see with my eyes how I call him and he hears and runs like new :) I am happy :) "- Dorota
I would like to thank you once again for your attention, for the positive vibration, wonderful energy, kindness and for the opportunity to take part in a course that was more than just a training for me personally. I feel honored that I could spend these few days with you and the whole group and feel the atmosphere of love and kindness. My mother urged me to take this course some time ago (she participated in it herself in September this year) but I thought that it was not for me, that I was not suitable for it. After visiting Biskupice, as an accompanying person, I felt this amazing energy, and the power. I felt that I wanted to do this, that I wanted to help, and that I can.  As I mentioned yesterday, I always wanted to. I wanted to be a doctor, pharmacist ... And now I know it's good that it didn't happen. I found a way to health that is consistent with my beliefs, consistent with my inner self. Thank you once again and best regards to YOU! Patricia

Martyna, Ania, Denis - thank you for taking us through the course, which turned out to be a beautiful adventure. Due to the education and work as an analyst, I must admit that I was skeptical about it at the beginning. Thanks to my wife, Beata, my curiosity has grown and I think that maybe you should seek help in health problems, not only those of my own but also of my immediate family. I admit that the reality exceeded my expectations. Thank you for the joy, positive energy, patience, kindness, perseverance, knowledge, experience and miracles ... that have already happened during the course on my person. I would like to thank my wife Beata and once again with all my heart for .... Hope! Zbyszek
Domancic Method
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